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Fiber Friday: More Holiday Knitting

I originally hadn’t planned on doing much for holiday knitting but some how it has all exploded and I’m starting to feel a little worried about whether or not I’m going to get it all done. With that said, I haven’t finished anything since I last posted but I feel like all I’ve been doing is knitting.

I did get a podcast up this week. It has no completions of anything because that is kind of how things have been lately. The podcast has definitely been a little break of reality for me. So even though I have very few subscribers and viewers, I don’t care, I’m plugging away. I talk about a lot of my projects on the podcast so I might start linking to the section in the video where I talk about the project to give you more details. Of course I film on Monday so I’m a little further a head now than I was before. Let me know if you like this.

I do have a half-finished object in the Monkey Socks (podcast link) I started making for Little Miss Geek.

Monkey Sock_02.jpg

I really like the pattern a lot and I do like the way the yarn is working up in the pattern. I was knitting these up on smaller needles than what the pattern called for because she has really narrow feet but I am a little concerned that they might be too small.

However, the socks have been put on hold because when she as here two weeks ago she said that she thought it would be cool if we all took the house quiz on Pottermore and got sorted into our Harry Potter Houses and if I knitted everyone their house scarf. She seemed really excited about it and she hadn’t talked a lot about what she wanted for Christmas. I talked to the Geek and he said I already told her to forget it, it can’t happen for Christmas. Well, I feel sorry the kid so I decided to say screw you to the Geek and ordered yarn so I’ve been working on her house scarf (podcast link).


She sorted into Slytherin so those are the colors I’m using. Its basically just a 1×1 rib pattern and it feels like it is going on FOREVER. I am not a fan of ribbing so to do a whole scarf of it is pretty tedious. I have two more repeats of the stripes to go and I want this thing to be done.

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the shawl pattern I’m creating (podcast link) but I have made some progress.


I really am close to being done and I’m leaning toward calling it “Snickerdoodle” because the colors and time of year make me think of those cookies. I was also thinking of “Oatmeal and Brown Sugar” but I think Snickerdoodle is going to win. What do you think?

The last project I’ve got going is a second Red Herring Hat for my mom because she wants to steal mine.


Fortunately, hats go super fast for me. I only have the decreases for the crown to go and then I will be done with the hat. That only leaves a cowl I want to do for Mini Me, the scarf, and maybe the socks. However, I’m not stressing over the socks because Little Miss Geek is getting the scarf.

Are you doing any holiday knitting? What’s on your needles?


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