Paper Towns

I mentioned before that I participate in two book clubs. One for moms and one that is books made into movies. We read a book and then go see the movie. The latest book and movie was John Green’s Paper Towns. About a year ago we did The Fault in Our Stars and I really loved it. In… More Paper Towns

Shawls and Socks

Since knitting has become such an important part of my life and a key hobby for me to stay sane and rational through all that life throws my way I’ve decided I will regularly update with my current knitting projects as well as projects I’ve recently finished. I tend to average about one project a… More Shawls and Socks


I have been participating in two book clubs for about a year now. The first book club was started by an old friend from high school and our general theme is books that are made into movies, the idea being that we’ll read a book and then go together to watch the movie and afterwards… More Revolutionary

Color Run 3.0

The Color Run has become a tradition in my family for three years running now. For those of you who don’t know The Color Run is a 5K run/walk where participants pass through color stations and get covered in a corn starch based colored paint. Its a huge mess and a lot of fun. The… More Color Run 3.0


In January of this year my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was pretty awful for all of us. I watched my previously strong father wither away before my eyes. The initial appointment with the oncologist told us that his tumor was inoperable, he had a 30% chance of that changing, and our initial… More Knitting!

A Great Adventure

Mini Me was not a great reader; which, I must confess, left me wondering how I could have produced such a child. I have tried to encourage reading with her but it was never something she really took to. Then one day at the beginning of fourth grade I suggested we start reading Harry Potter.… More A Great Adventure